Tuesday, December 30, 2008

old spahetti factory

Woo Hoo, they had gluten free pasta, I was a bit worried when we decided to go there, we'd never been there before, so I had no idea whether they would have much choice of salad or anything like that, so when I found that you had the option to switch spaghetti for gluten free pasta I was really pleased and it was pretty tasty too and a pretty good price.

We ended up there because one of Andrew's friends said he was taking his boy to see trains in Seattle and he'd asked if Sausage Boy could come too, so we all decided to go, it was really good for me to get out, I hadn't been feeling great, but I wasn't feeling desparately bad either, but sitting around at home may well have sent me that way!

It was surprisingly fun watching trains, it was pretty cool to see Banana Girl getting excited about things, she's 3.5, but her napping habits and slowness to speak means sometimes it feels we haven't done all that much with her.

She has picked up a cute habit of saying Space Noodle, rather than Space Needle, which is funny and just like her habit of being able to spot planes even right in the corner of the sky, she was spotting the space needle as soon as it appeared from behind a building, sometimes leaving us hunting for what she was pointing at!

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