Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Las Vegas - SNOW - flight cancelled

Well it's been a bit of a saga, a rare winter storm hit Las Vegas this afternoon, we had no idea at the stage we checked out of our hotel this morning, so of course when it hit, we're in our rental car, luggage and all!

Knowing how traffic can clog up quickly, but how rarely airports actually close, we headed to the airport. At check-in, even though later on we realised already flights weren't leaving, they reassured us things may be late, but would still happen.

However not long after getting to the gate area, our flight was cancelled, Andrew queued and surprisingly quickly we were rebooked on a flight that the plan was sat at the airport for and would go as soon as it got clearance. Our bags were already unchecked though, so Andrew had to do the long round trip to baggage claim and then to recheck them.

Things were looking hopefully as the snow had stopped, visibility was way better and things were obviously melting, but then it started to come down again and eventually they announced the flight would not be taking off tonight.

Andrew is now stood in line to rebook, hopefully on the first flight tomorrow, things didn't seem to be all that busy today, but maybe the original rebooking was so easy because the smart people had already rebooked for tomorrow, so who knows!

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jonathan said...

Sorry to hear you're all stuck. No sign of snow here in Cambridge; +10 degrees today. Did any of you win any dancing competitions? I assume Andrew has avoided the fake tan! :-)