Wednesday, December 3, 2008

house tasks

Ok, I'm finally putting pen to paper and writing a list of the things we need to get done in the house

* change all the heating thermostats (depending on how we decided to do this determines whether we can do this ourselves, or if we need to get an electrician)

* convert both showers to shower heads on hoses (fixed heads are never a good idea imho)

* remove shower screen from bathroom and replace with a curtain

* get kitchen tap fixed

* get some kind of organiser for our shower

* install shelves anywhere (or most places) there is space (we'll probably get a carpenter to do this, we put up large shelves in a study in the UK and it was a big job, we have 2 or 3 places we need 2/3 long shelves)

* get carpets professionally cleaned and consider replacing them (the entire upstairs has pale carpets, not good for the kind of use we give them)

* install hooks near laundry area

It's a long list! I don't think either of us are that great about figuring out how to make a house functional space wise. Our house is basically twice the size of what we had in England, but it really doesn't feel like it. This doesn't make much sense as we have barely increased the amount of furniture, literally we've bought bunk beds for Nathanael (which coincided with dismantling the cot, so it barely counts), I bought a table/storage unit for quilting, it's at a height so you can stand and cut at it and then just a couple of weeks ago, I bought a book case. The children also have a toy kitchen that is large enough to count as furniture, but we did also remove other large toys.

I think this house is not so well laid out as our other one is, part by design and part because we very carefully bought furniture to fit the last one and have moved it here. I particularly feel our lounge area is poorly used space, because downstairs is open plan, one side of it is essentially a corridor and that wall has a coat cupboard and a wet bar. Another wall is taken up with two large windows and a fireplace. We have an upright piano in there, which is so out of tune it's painful to play (must add that to my list). We have the inevitable TV, which is just sat on an old table (my grandparents had it when they got married, 53 years ago), it only now occurs to me that there is a big chunk of space there that could be used way more effectively, I must look into that.

I'm very concious that we'll have to really think how we use space if we're not to all feel on top of each other for the next few years, currently the kids have most of there toys downstairs and there are only a very few items that Nathanael has to store our of reach of Ada, that is going to change, soon almost everything will have to be out of reach, which probably means rearranging things to have more toys in their bedroom, which means we'll have to investigate storage options as currently there is only clothes storage.

This is all seeming rather overwhelming!

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