Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Heard the heartbeat!

We saw the midwife today and listened to the baby's heartbeat! Everything seems to be fine, other than that Sausage Girl now thinks we are having a dog not a baby, as the sound is rather like a "woof woof" sound!

After my paranoia, I was feeling more confident today as the past couple of days I've felt like I "popped", it's not popping that suddenly makes things obvious, in fact when I'm standing with good posture it pretty much vanishes, but I can now easily feel when I move that there is something there!

We're off to Las Vegas tomorrow, which also marks a 1/4 of this pregnancy, we'll have known for 9 weeks, which seems both very short and very long all at the same time. 8th October feels a very long time ago!

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