Saturday, December 20, 2008

All here safely!

We arrived home at 10 past 4 Friday morning! It was actually quite reasonable driving home at that time as we didn't have to share the road with anyone, but no new snow had fallen since the evening. The worst bit was a section of freeway between I405/I90 interchange and the next junction eastwards, fortunately we only saw one other car in that section.

We were glad for the gazebo covering our deck as the short journey between the garage and the back door would have been very cold and wet in the shoes we were wearing!

Friday was clear, no melting, but no further snow, my sister's flight actually got in early, though it took her a while to get through customs and immigration.

We had to head out to buy food today, unless we wanted to leave on some slightly random things in tins! The car park at the supermarket was horrendous, hard to find a space and some very crazy driving, there were several people who seemed to think the rules of the road didn't apply to them!

I'd intended to make christmas cake before we left as it does really need time to develop the flavour, but it didn't happen, so we set to work doing that - I stupidly set my sister to the task of lining the pan, apparently she never watch our mum do this, so attempt one was a disaster. So was attempt two by DH, though at least that paper was still useable for me to finally do it myself!

I bought gluten free bread mix at the supermarket, but after putting everything in the bread mixer found that the wiring to the start button must have got fried as all the other buttons worked, but start was something it would not do. Which now means I have bread busy rising, but an oven at a low temperature with a fruit cake in it, not quite sure how I'm going to get my way out of that one!

I've decided to make Monte Cristo sandwiches for dinner, we first had them in Korea, they don't seem that common a menu item, but they appeared on a few in Las Vegas, but given the wheat free thing, I couldn't have them, I've never been a big bread eater anyway, but this is the thing that has tipped me into attempting gluten free bread!

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