Monday, December 22, 2008

15 weeks, compare and contrast

They do say all pregnancies are different and here I am at 15 weeks, reflecting on how different this is - when you have a girl and a boy, the natural tendency is to associate certain things with boy pregnancies and others with girl pregnancies. On that basis, I'm having an alien!

Sickness has been wierd, there was a point when things were really bad, almost daily vomiting, I've never had that before, I felt very nauseous with DS, but was only sick twice the whole pregnancy and not in the first trimester. With DD it was more frequent, but never anywhere near daily. Thankfully it passed, though it did cause some worry as it was very early for it to stop.

Tiredness, you'd think this would be bad with narcolepsy and not on meds, but actually I'm mostly better than I was before I got pregnant and didn't take my meds one day. I also do seem to have picked up in the last 3 weeks or so, which is also early for me, it marks the classic 12 week point, but with DS it was 21 weeks before I started to bloom a bit.

Size, I think I'm destined to be smaller with each pregnancy, we flew to Korea just before Christmas when I was pregnant 2nd time around, I'm pretty sure I was bigger than I am now. I remember last time that being small didn't equate to feeling small, but I feel pretty good now, I only really notice when I'm lieing on my side, when suddenly things fall out!

Pain, wow, this is amazing, I have to put it down in part to going wheat free, I was definitely improving anyway, but the improvement since then has been amazing, to the extent I've basically stopped taking painkillers, other than the occasional paracetamol. This is fantastic, I'm hopeful that things will continue to go well, but either way, I'm positive. I have been feeling twinges in my symphysis pubis in the past few days, but only after being on my feet for a long time, 2 winters ago, when I wasn't even pregnant I didn't cope well with wintery conditions, this time, the conditions are way worse, but it's a none issue.

I'm due to see my cardiologist in January, I'm not too worried about that, but it would be silly not to ask if she has any delivery concerns. As I understand things the main risk seems to be IUGR, not delivery, but it's not a high risk and I don't think that can really change my risk much anyway, already being considered higher than normal risk due to it having happened before. However we talked to our midwives about this and they are happy to do appointments with just one of them if we do have any concerns in the 3rd trimester, I firmly believe that the monitoring of an experienced midwife is as good, if not better than serial ultrasounds, though ultrasounds definitely have a role after diagnosis, though more to check on the blood flow, not get further data on size.

It still feels too soon to do any real baby oriented organisation, I'm trying, though not very sucessfully so far to try and get life in general more organised, I may be feeling an awful lot better, but unfortunately I still do have trigger activities for pain, anything bending forwards is one, so folding laundry is a real killer - not good having just got back from holiday!

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