Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sausage Boy dancing!





Their white ribbons are third place - which in there heat was last place, they danced against a couple who looked at least a year older, maybe two and a brother and sister couple who looked around 9 or 10. Sausage Boy is 5 and a half and his partner is not quite 5. Looking at the pictures I'm reminded of a feeling I had, but was unable to verbalise, which is that they look like they are in the right place, they look so comfortable dressed up and with their hair done. Things didn't go great on the dance floor but they weren't stunned by the space and the bright lights either. Currently they are being coached by the uncle of his partner, who's 18 and with his dance partner is youth regional champion. Sausage Boy adores him, which is great as he is a good role model as a dancer AND as a gentleman.
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