Saturday, November 29, 2008

Going wheat free

There, I've said it, I really am doing it!

This is a fairly surprising move for me, I wouldn't say I'm a disbeliever in food allergies or intolerances, as quite obviously they do exist, but I generally tend to feel that they are not as common as people make out.

Last week I was saying to DH that it felt like my body wasn't metabolising food properly, that I felt I was eating enough, yet my muscles still felt fatigued after very little activity - I can only recall having felt like that once before, which was after having flu aged 14, which is 15 years ago now! This time I had no illness to blame and it felt different and beyond the fatigue I've experienced in previous pregnancies.

Then I was reading a book that is quite extreme when it comes to managing pregnancy with the aim of the best birth outcomes, it's mostly based on Indian traditions. Amongst many other dietary restrictions, avoiding wheat was mentioned, the reasons started to ring bells in my head as to how I was feeling, so I've been mulling it over and have finally decided to go for it.

I don't know how easy of difficult this will turn out to be, I'm not a big wheat eater anyway, in terms of obvious wheat like bread (which I barely eat at all), but I'm finding it crops up in all sorts of processed foods. Thankfully we live in an era where plenty of wheat free alternatives are available, I've found some really good crackers that are really tasty, much yummier than the mainstream alternatives, I have a horrible suspicion that they fill you up less as both yesterday and today when I had them for lunch I was grazing all afternoon!

The most frustrating is going to be Christmas food, I love some of the traditional British items, particularly mince pies and christmas pudding. I'm sure there are wheat free pastry recipes out there, but it will be an experiment for me and I know bad pastry can ruin a mince pie. If it comes to the crunch I'll be eating a serving of mince in a bowl with a squirt of cream! I haven't searched for a wheat free version of christmas pudding, I suspect if I did, then it would require suet, which doesn't seem to be available here. Christmas cake bothers me less, but it's so much of a tradition that I feel I do want to make it, putting the marzipan and icing on is a faff, but it's part of the run up to Christmas!

Eek, I just realised, I really have to sort most things out by the middle of next week. We are going to Las Vegas for a week, leaving on 10th December. We get back, have one free day (full of preschool/kindergarten stuff) then my sister arrives. I suppose I might be able to convince her to watch the kids so I can take a shopping trip and then rope her into wrapping presents in the evening!

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