Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling low

I'm not having a good day today, I can't stay on task at all and as usual am exhausted. This really affects my mood and all of a sudden I'm verging on the point of thinking there is nothing good in life.

I did manage to cook dinner, though with a few splutters and completely managing to waste the first packet of sauce mix I used. I used tinned salmon, which I haven't done in years and it was pretty tasty, different to what I remember from the UK, it's Alaskan Sockeye, so that's hardly surprising. The tin was trying to tell me that it had lots of good omega 3s in it, so I might add it to my repetoire slightly more often.

I have 2 packets of fresh mince in the fridge and my mind did a total blank on what you can cook with mince, other than lasagne and I really didn't want to do that. If I get round to it I should start off the meat in the morning in the crockpot, then finishing the bits off to turn it in to lasagne shouldn't be so daunting. I have a vague recollection of making lasagne about a week after Sausage Boy was born, but then again my memory is I felt a heck of a lot better then than I do now! I was probably getting as much sleep, if not more and no one expected anything of me. Today looked more like me being a disaster for not dragging myself out of bed, then taking Banana Girl to gymnastics, heading to a store where I was looking for an item I found impossible to describe so I couldn't ask where I might find it, somehow ended up buying a bookcase for a space that when I got home I discovered was imaginary. Then heading to Sausage Boy's school for a Thanksgiving meal his class had prepared. Hardly surprising that by the time I get home cooking dinner is the last thing on my mind, 5 and a half years ago cooking dinner was the only thing on my mind, the only thing to gauge the success of a day by!

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