Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We had a frustrating weekend, we danced well, but placed badly - and by badly, I mean last! My partner has more experience of competivite dancing and our coaches are saying the same thing, which is that sometimes, when you are judging and ranking things in order you do get bad days. It worked out for us 3 weeks ago at regionals, there were 2 judges that didn't like us, but 3 that placed us fairly meant we got an ok result. This week we were out of luck, 3 judges out of 5 didn't like us, 1 was still lower than we hoped and the other gave us 1st place in 2 dances and 3rd in another - which was one we mucked up in the middle of and that I certainly feel weakest on.

We have class tonight, so we'll have to see what our coach says, our next competition is out of town, which might be good for us, different judges and different couples to dance against. At the moment I feel my dancing is still getting better, I have less energy, which affects practice, but when the adrenaline is flowing at a comp I seem to get through fine. There are still a lot of technical improvements I can make, but at some point my altered shape will start to make that harder.

Sausage Boy competed for the first time and it was the cutest thing ever, I haven't downloaded the pictures yet and they don't really capture it, but despite being the worst dancers by a long way (the next youngest couple was probably at least a year older and has been on the competition circuit a year or so), they got the biggest clap or anyone when they collected their 3rd place ribbons. It was a real lesson to me as how much things can deteriorate on the dance floor, which I've not really accepted before.

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jonathan said...

Ah, do upload pictures of Sausage Boy dancing. Sounds very cute!