Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why mumprime?

How do you choose a name for a blog? Do you concatenate a few words about your life and hope people will remember exactly the order, spelling and where the underscores are? Possibly, it's not a bad way to choose a name - but the blogs you remember are often the ones with snappy names, but of course all the snappy names around common subjects are taken!

I'm a Brit living in the UK, so my kids call me Mummy, but they haven't quite realised the difference and at preschool tend to produce works of art with me labelled by a kindly teacher as Mommy.

When my husband realised "Mummy" was free as a license plate number, he pretty much insisted we got it when he discovered how cheap it was - you'd think people would get the idea, but apparently the general opinion is that I'm some kind of Egyptian fanatic!

So why mumprime? Well, I have to confess, I'm a bit of a geek, though I've kept out of the loop for the past few year, but prime in my head will never mean anything but an indicator that differentiation has occurred. Being philosphical I could say that represents my acknowledgement that motherhood is something that changes through time and those changes are probably rather more interesting than a chronical of the day to day existance of being a mum.

Prime can also imply "prime number", so it acknowledges that things being as they are I have a prime number of children, both now and hopefully in nine months time (so can you work out how many I have now)? That all sounds a bit reminisant of the BBC Radio 4 program (oft repeated on BBC7) "The Consultants".

Then there is the obvious, prime meaning first or best - I don't think I'm number one mum, a long way from it in fact, but I do happen to believe that God is in control of my life and my kids life and that for know that means I am the best mum for them and will be as long as I live and they live.

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