Friday, October 17, 2008

Still not telling!

I'm not sure that should really be "still" as it's normal not to tell at this stage, I'm not even 6 weeks along yet. However I feel so sick, it feels really wierd attempting to go about normal life with no one around you knowing what is going on inside you!

I already feel enormous, though whether my slightly rounded tummy is due to baby, or simply my increased appetite is debatable. What is very clear though is the increased size of my breasts!

The midwife called yesterday to say my vitamin D was extremely low, which is a surprise as though the PNW isn't out of the zone of concern, it gets a lot more sunlight than the UK and I'm fairly sure I've been tested and just not shown a concerning result. I think it was tested around March time, when a test showed I was mildly anemic. I looked up vit D deficiency and there is some kind of loop with iron and zinc, but my brain wasn't working enough to work it out!

I have a vague recollection that vit D supplementation has been suggested for chronic pain, so I need to track those references down. I've been feeling so tired I haven't called the midwife back to get the exact numbers, she wants me on supplements which I am fine with, just curious as to how I got to this point - vit D comes from sunlight (well it's rather more complex than that, but getting out in the sun will make your body produce more) and I've not been out in the sun less than usual, I'm not a big sun person and I do protect myself. It's also in milk, fortified rather than naturally, I barely consume any, but that isn't a change from usual either.

I'll probably just pass it off as one of those things.

I've been feeling twinges in my symphysis pubis (where the bones join at the front of your pelvis), which worry me, I'd hoped to get to the 2nd trimester before that becomes a problem, but it also reminds me what a horrible pain it is and I know realistically I will suffer with it for a good portion of this pregnancy and that is scary.

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elise said...

Hi MP,
I'm catching up on your blog. I'm an EDSer as well and I've started following a bunch of EDS-related blogs of late. I find your fascinating as I had to stop dancing due to my EDS but have always had a love of it.
Why I am responding to this post in particular is that EDSers have very low Vit D levels, which can lead to a host of issues. If you can supplement your diet with the right Vit D, it will lower your pain levels (your gluten-free diet seems to help too!), lower your risk of cardiovascular problems, and help with musculoskeletal health. I just read a scientific journal article on this issue and the EDNF is putting a link to it up on their site. Let me know if you want more info.
Keep up the great work, super mom!!!