Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm going to try and remember to take pictures right through this pregnancy. Previously I've only managed it once or twice. I'm already feeling self concious about my tummy, this is silly, but it is losing some tone, but it was pretty well toned for a mother of two, particularly with the amount of stretch marks I have, my skin isn't doing me any favours, it's all genuine tone!

Andrew took this picture on Sunday night, so 6 weeks precisely, I'll probably try and settle for multiples of 4 from now on!

I had a random thought tonight, assuming delivery occurs by 40+3, that would mean from finding out to delivery is 36 weeks. Tomorrow we'll have known about it for two weeks, meaning 1/18 of the way! Fractions help me, it's like ticking something off, it feels like acheiving something.

I've not felt as sick today, I hope this doesn't mean anything, I'm crossing my fingers it's more of a sign that I know what to do, so instead of waiting and seeing how I feel, I eat at certain times because I know what will happen if I don't!

I have an appointment with my physical therapist (physiotherapist in English!) tomorrow, it will probably be the last one, I saw a physiatrist last week, they are doctors that specialise in management and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal issues, mostly back problems. As well as everything else I've had two severe impact injuries to the same spot in my mid back, the 2nd was 6 weeks after Banana Girl was born and it's possible that time actually included a break of one of the vertabrae, with all that going on, it's hardly surprising it's a long term on off struggle with pain in that area, this PT has worked wonders with my neck and other bits of me, but the mid back pain hasn't changed. The physiatrist thinks it's time to try something else and has suggested another PT who specialised in a particular type of massage which might help me. I think I'm a difficult case as my spine is very mobile, so one joint being slightly stiff is a big contrast which causes muscle spasm and tension, when the same injury in someone else wouldn't be such a contrast with normal. Treatment has to attempt to get things moving at my normal range not average normal range, which is also tricky. Obviously I'll also be telling her I'm pregnant - this is a topic that has come up in conversation, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts, bizarrely it's not that long ago since she actually did ask if I was pregnant as it seemed like everyone around her was!
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