Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love to dance. As a child I was sent to dance class age 4 and just kept doing more and more until I went to college. I went to college in the UK, unlike in the US you can't get credits from multiple departments and even if you could only a few places have anything in the performing arts. When I got there I took up Scottish country dancing and occasionally some other folk dancing. I also did a 4 week crash course in ballroom dancing. I intended to audition for shows, but lacking confidence in singing, I only got round to doing one, which I didn't get through. Gradually I threw my energy into other things, mostly rowing and I got unlucky picking up injuries and mostly couldn't dance anyway.

But dancing is in my blood, I was destined to come back to it and finally last year I did, I took up ballroom dancing at a studio close to our home and I'm loving it. I've even started competing! I do International Style - what the rest of the world would know as ballroom dancing it's only in the US they have to distinguish between International and American style. It's split into two style "Standard", which includes Waltz, Foxtrot etc. and Latin American i.e. cha cha, jive etc. Of the two I prefer standard, though ironically at the moment I seem to be much better at Latin, standard is all completely knew to me, I have to relearn how to use my body. Latin is different, but a lot of techniques from Ballet and Modern are useful.

The problem is, at some point I have to tell my dance partner that I'm pregnant and this is going to muck the partnership up, but right now I'm attempting to live in a dream world where at dancing I'm not pregnant!

I've also been taking some ballet classes recently, which I'm loving, I hope I can carry on with them for quite a way through pregnancy.

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